5 Most Popular Window Brands

When it comes to windows and doors in a home, there are many things that you need to consider when choosing the right windows and doors company. There are a lot of windows and doors companies out there today that claim they can provide what your home needs, but choose carefully because you do not want to get stuck with an expensive windows purchase that does not work for you or look bad on your home.

Here are 5 steps of the windows installation process that should be taken into consideration.

1. Determine how old your current windows are

If your windows were installed 15 years ago, then it’s time for them to be replaced due to increased energy costs associated with insulated windows. On average, if you live in cold climate regions, windows start to lose their seal after 10 years. Depending on your windows and doors company, windows typically come with a warranty of ten years per manufacturer’s specifications. Some windows and doors companies offer windows that go up to 20 or 25 years depending on the brand. Keep in mind that windows cannot be repaired; they need to be replaced.

2. Consider your budget

Before choosing windows and doors, you should know how to choose the right window and door company, how much you can spend, and what kind of windows and doors will fit into your home’s exterior design, aesthetics, and purpose for needing windows and doors. The price range varies widely from $200 – $5,000+ – with is quite the difference! However, there is an available solution for everyone; it is all about researching companies until you find windows and doors that are within your budget.

3. Choose the windows and doors company

Once you have found windows for your home, it is now time to choose the windows and doors company that will install them for you. Before choosing windows and doors, do some research on windows cost because windows vary in price depending on style, material type, installation method, etc. Some windows can cost up to $5,000+ so finding the right windows at a fair price is important so as not to spend too much or waste money on something cheap. Ask friends or family members who have recently replaced their windows about their experience with particular windows and doors companies. You can also search online reviews of windows or go directly to company websites for customer testimonials.

4. Select windows and windows installation date

Once windows have been purchased, your contractor will contact you to schedule a windows installation appointment. This is where your windows will be professionally installed by trained windows installers who are familiar with windows replacement methods, tools, etc. A quality windows installation job can look great on your home or complex, while a bad one may make it hard for you to sell it if you ever wanted/needed to in the future. In order to get this right, you must choose reliable windows and doors company that has good reviews from past clients; especially clients who had the same type of windows as yours replaced at their homes!

5. Enjoy your new windows and doors!

The last and final step of the windows installation process is simply enjoying your new windows on your home! You should take time to get familiar with the operation of your windows, whether it’s a crank-out window or a double-hung window. Make sure you are able to open, close, lock/unlock the windows just in case it needs repairs sometime in the future. It also helps if you can learn how to operate all of your windows before hiring someone else for this job.


The windows installation process can be long and tedious if you do not know what windows to choose or who will install windows for you. With this article, hopefully, windows installation is now easier with steps on choosing windows, budget, windows company, windows installation date, and enjoying your new windows!