5 Motives To Replace Your Windows & Doors Before The Harsh Weather

If you haven’t inspected the windows and doors in your house, now is the time to do it! Here are five reasons why windows should be replaced before winter.

1) Moisture

When windows aren’t properly insulated, air can get in between them and cold air could seep into your house. If they aren’t properly sealed, moisture from the outside could also penetrate windows and doors. This can cause them to fog up on the inside of your windows which impairs your visibility.

2) Home security

If they are not properly installed or become loose over time, that can lead to becoming easy entry points for burglars. When not completely sealed, they can also let cold air into your house which increases energy bills.

3) Aging windows

Aging windows become less effective over time and no longer keep out the weather like they used to. To avoid paying high heating or cooling bills consider getting windows replaced before the winter months kick in.

4) No window screens

If they don’t have screen panes that are effective air sealing it will be impossible to keep your family comfortable at home. Window screens also keep out dangerous insects like scorpions and spiders.

5) Maintenance issues

When windows are difficult to open and close, cleaning is nearly impossible. Windows with broken locks or hinges pose a threat for burglaries and need to be replaced. Be sure to check your windows and doors before winter rolls in.


Windows are important parts of your home. If they aren’t properly sealed, they can let in cold air and moisture into your house which will increase heating or cooling bills. They should be inspected before winter hits to ensure that they still work effectively and provide the necessary insulation.