5 Tips For Caring For Your Lawn

Many people dream of having a beautiful and well-kept lawn, but this task requires discipline and attention. See below four tips that the Earth Development separated for you to have the lawn you’ve always dreamed of:

Have The Right Grass

To begin with, you need to ensure that the grass planted on your lawn is the right one for the region you live in. Also, each type of grass requires extra care. The Emerald grass, for example, is recommended for sunny places, while others, such as São Carlos, are more resistant to the cold. The cutting height also changes according to the type of grass, so it is important to be informed before planting.

Cut Care

Mowing the grass too often can be harmful, as it can prevent it from having the necessary nutrient reserves. On the other hand, mowing at very long intervals causes you to cut the stem of the grass instead of its leaves, which can also spoil its appearance. The idea is to cut every seven days during the warmer months, when the grass grows more, and every 15 days in the colder months. After mowing, rake the lawn well. Accumulated cut grass residues can impair the aeration of the lawn.


Grasses for warmer climates should be fertilized in early spring and late summer, while grasses for cooler climates should be fertilized after the hottest part of summer. You can take a sample to a gardening store to find out what type of grass you have. As a rule, warm-weather grasses turn brown during the winter, while cool-weather grasses tend to turn green year-round.

Have The Right Tools

Having the right tools to keep your lawn looking good is critical. It all depends on the size of your lawn. If he’s small, a lawn trimmer is enough for maintenance. A good electric brush cutter ensures an even, easy-to-carry cut for larger lawns. Now, if you need to maintain a large lawn, the kind we find on farms, you will need a more robust machine, such as a gasoline brush cutter and the help of contractors like landscaping companies green bay wi for example.

Correction Of Failures

If some parts of the grass have failed due to disease or mismanagement, this is the ideal time to correct them. After all, the hot and humid season is starting, allowing the grass to regenerate. Buy some grass mats, cut them and apply them to the gaps, watering the corrected areas for a few weeks. Pay attention not to cause an uneven lawn. If necessary, remove the soil bit so that everything fits perfectly. Fill holes and crevices with washed sand. Do not insist on correcting flaws in shaded areas. In that case, try to replace the fault with some perennial shady ground cover to create a flower bed on the spot. In addition to permanently correcting the problem, the garden becomes more beautiful and interesting.