5 Tips For Planning A Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens are very popular in modern homes. They are referred to as galley kitchens because of their long and narrow appearance. Many people call them parallel modular kitchens as well. In this type of modular kitchen design, there are two platforms against walls opposite each other. All the storage units are installed on these walls only. The other two sides can be open or closed off by a wall at one end depending on your preferences. If you are planning a galley kitchen but are not sure about how to do it, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 Consider giving your galley kitchen an open layout

Galley kitchen ideas are mostly found in closed layouts. This is because they are designed for long and narrow spaces. The gap between the countertops should not be too much. Otherwise, working in the modular kitchen design will get difficult. Too many unnecessary steps can be time-consuming and tiring. However, this does not mean that a galley kitchen cannot work in medium-sized kitchens. Irrespective of the size of the kitchen, you will just have to ensure that the platforms are not too far apart from each other. If you want an open layout for your galley kitchen, you should consider installing a narrow island. It can work as an additional countertop. You can use it for your prep work and additional storage. An open layout kitchen idea will not only appear appealing but also allow you to communicate with other people in the living room while cooking.

02 of 05 Choose the right colours to make the space appear larger

Colours can have a huge impact on the look and feel of any room. When designing your kitchen, you must very carefully choose the colours. Since galley kitchens are created in compact spaces, chances are that the modular kitchen design will appear small. You can prevent it from looking compact and small by choosing the right colours. While dark colours make spaces appear bolder, light colours make spaces appear brighter and larger. This is because light colours make the walls recede. Also, they reflect more light. Hence, you can make your galley kitchen appear larger by opting for lighter colours. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any light colour. A combination of colours would be great as well. However, make sure you do not go overboard while choosing more than one colour. Too many colours can make the space appear busy.

03 of 05 Place the sink and the hob on the same platform

The right placement of all the items in your parallel modular kitchen is necessary so that everything is within your hand’s reach. If they are not arranged properly, you might find it very difficult to cook in the kitchen. There are a few expert tips that you should follow when choosing the placement of all the primary elements in your kitchen. This helps to create the work triangle. The work triangle suggests that the sink, hob, and refrigerator should be placed in a manner that when you draw a link connecting these three points, it should form a triangle. In the work triangle on your galley kitchen, you should always place the sink and hob on the same platform. This will allow you to store all the appliances in one area. You do not have to worry about moving around. However, make sure that there is at least a 3 feet gap between the sink and the hob.

04 of 05 Light up the space properly

Your kitchen is one of the places where proper lighting is very crucial. This is because you perform a lot of activities like looking and chopping that require complete visibility. However, installing lights only for performing various culinary activities is not sufficient. You will have to opt for accent lighting as well to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space. You can consider installing beautiful pendant lights to add more drama to the space. There are many other options you can choose as per your choice to decorate the kitchen interiors. Moreover, well-lit interiors will appear more spacious.

When thinking about lighting for your galley kitchen, do not just consider artificial lights. Natural light is essential for the decor as well. By installing a window in your galley kitchen, you can ensure that sufficient natural light can enter indoors. It will also make the space ventilated.

05 of 05 Do not forget about adding seats

Traditional kitchens were only meant for cooking. However, they have evolved over the years and modern kitchens are designed not just for cooking but for enjoying meals with your family as well. You can install a kitchen island and add a few seats around it so that people can sit around it and enjoy their meals.

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