5 Ways You Should Be Taking Care Of Your Garden During Summer

Gardens bring an amazing amount of beauty and utility to a home, giving residents their own personal patch of nature. There is, however, a cost to this. Alongside the literal cost (garden spaces tend to add around 20% of value to a home when placed on the housing market), there is the ongoing maintenance that an outdoor space requires.

‘Lock up and leave’ is a phrase often used to describe homes with no- or low-maintenance garden spaces and it attracts many because the property can be left without the concern of upkeep. Larger gardens, however, while more appealing to many, require a little more care.

Each season has its tasks that homeowners should prepare themselves for; summer is no exception. So, as the season of sunshine and heat draws nearer, here are five ways homeowners should take care of their garden during the summer.

Mulch And Cover

Protecting soil from heat is increasingly important and prolonged periods of sunshine, much like those the UK is becoming accustomed to, can cause a number of issues. With a layer of mulch or similar protection, soil can be protected from dryness and loss of nutrients, which is essential for those wanting to grow their own fruit or vegetables.

Clear Guttering

Whether atop roofs or log cabins, guttering can easily become clogged and begin to cause water to pool, invariably leading to leaks and water damage. To avoid this issue, gutters must be regularly cleaned. This is especially important in summer because in only a few weeks, autumn brings heavier rain and fallen leaves.

Let It Grow

There is a tendency for gardeners to treat the summer season as a period of refinement. As the spring bloom dies back, plants are removed and so-called weeds are dug up. While this is often in the pursuit of a tidy garden the impact such activity has on wildlife, as well as other aspects of garden life, should not be ignored. By allowing plants and soil to persist even a few weeks longer, ecology, everything from birds to bees, has a better chance to prosper, especially as dry periods become more regular.

Exterior Maintenance

While many are eager to treat the summer as a period of respite, the assured good weather is an ideal time to begin tackling the renovation tasks that cannot be performed during cold and wet weather. As such, if homeowners have any windows to replace or brickwork to repoint, the summer season is the best time to set about taking on such exterior maintenance.

Set-Up For Sustainability

A hosepipe ban is enough to make anyone wish they had collected rainwater, just as a bright summer sees neighbours envious of those with solar panels. Simply because the summer highlights such an absence of home assets does not mean it isn’t the perfect time to get started. Contract your water butts and install your solar panels over the next few weeks and see the benefits occur slowly. Then, next summer, you will find yourself being thankful that you thought ahead.