6 Best Colors For The Exterior Of The House

In this post, we will address facade painting and the best colors for the external area of ​​the house. Have you ever stopped thinking that the house’s external area (façade) represents the business card for the property’s interior? In addition, it can say a lot about the owner’s personality and primary tastes.

Within that, do you know what care is needed before painting? What to consider when choosing paint? Or is there the ideal paint for the external area of ​​the house? visit website to learn more.

The Painting

Outside a house – such as a facade and a hallway – is exposed to temperature variations. In addition, there is yet another type of modification that walls undergo due to rain. As such, it is quite common for exterior walls, significantly when the proper paint is not used, to fade slightly and lose color.

The outer part must have particular specific care. And how you paint your home’s exterior walls will make all the difference in the final effect and over time. After all, it will be essential to protect the wall from the sun, moisture, mold formation, etc.

Preparing The Environment

It is necessary to prepare the entire external environment of the house to receive the new painting and colors. Observe whether there are stains on the outer wall, for example. If there are still any grooves, cracks, and cracks, they should be gone before you get to the paint job. You will need to make the surface completely even. On very dirty walls, it is worth cleaning and washing with the help of brushes. It can be with a metal brush and soap.

When applying spackle, remember that it is necessary to wait for the correct drying time and then sand the wall. Even when it is not necessary to apply putty, it is essential to sand the wall to remove the old paint, and remove possible peeling. After sanding, wipe the wall with a damp cloth to remove dust. You can decide to use experts like Commercial Painters in Waipahu, HI for example for safety and accuracy.

Choosing The Right Paint

There are many options on the market, of which we highlight the following:

Acrylic paint: because it is waterproof, it is a great option for the outdoor area. It has three types of finishes:

Satin (with a bit of shine, refined and allows wall washing);

Semigloss (can also be washed and gives an exquisite finish to the walls);

Matte (disguises possible imperfections but does not have much resistance to cleaning).

Rubberized paint: for many specialists, it is the ideal paint, as it prevents mildew, does not fade, and is resistant to the effects of time.

Colors convey different perceptions and offer an ocean of options and possibilities. So, check out the best colors for the outside area of ​​the house below.

  • Orange
  • violet/purple
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Black and white
  • Verde