8 Easy Tips to Design Your Bedroom on a Budget

Who says you need to break the bank to have a chic bedroom? Do you feel like your bedroom fails to reflect your personality? Your bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most intimate spaces in your room.

Hence, you must decorate your bedroom in a way that speaks to your soul. Looking for ways to make your bedroom your tranquil oasis that you can’t wait to retire to after a hectic workday? Here are 8 bedroom design tips to spruce up your bedroom on a shoestring budget.

  1. Have fun with wallpapers 

Wallpapers undoubtedly are one of the best cheapest ways to instantly make your bedroom look rich and elegant. You can either pick an accent wall, decorate the ceiling or do up all the walls of your bedroom. A handy bedroom interior idea is to ensure that the wallpaper you select matches the overall theme of your bedroom.

  1. Bring in natural light 

Large windows bring your bedroom to life. So, consider swapping your tiny windows for larger ones. In case you don’t have large windows, then consider installing a floor-length mirror in your bedroom. Mirrors reflect light and brighten up a poorly lit room without costing a fortune. People with tiny bedrooms must consider adding a mirror into their bedroom as it opens up a space and makes a small room appear larger.

  1. Pick fancy light fixtures

Ditch the boring fluorescent lamps and go for wall scones, pendant lights and bedside lamps. A pro house design tip is to swap the white light for a warm white light that will instantly make your bedroom feel cosy and inviting.

  1. Go green 

Adding a touch of green into your bedroom adds character and calmness to your bedroom. So, don’t hesitate to add a snake plant or any other indoor air purifying plant to your bedroom. These plants will not only add to the aesthetics of your bedroom but will also ensure that you sleep like a baby at night. If you don’t want to commit to real plants, consider buying fake ones.

  1. Invest in rugs 

Don’t forget your floor treatment while designing your bedroom. You can have fun by choosing bold and statement rugs and layering them. This will add texture, colour and character to your otherwise plain bedroom design.

  1. Pick the right bed linens

Your bed linens might seem like a small detail when it comes to your bedroom décor but it makes all the difference in accentuating the aesthetic of your bedroom. Choose soft linen-like fabric when it comes to your bedspreads, cushions and throws. A pro bedroom interior idea is to go for lighter colours if your bedroom lacks natural light as dark colours will further make your bedroom appear dull and dark.

  1. Choose the right paint colour 

If you want to make your bedroom look expensive on a budget, a handy house design tip is to apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Deep hues and jewel tones instantly make your bedroom appear rich and elegant. You can also consider going for neutrals so that you don’t have to keep changing the colours of your walls every season to make them look trendy.

  1. Add upcycled furniture 

Scan your local thrift furniture shops and get your hands on vintage furniture which you can upcycle at home and give new life to. You can make upcycled furniture pieces look elegant and stylish by simply repainting them or changing their hardware.

Remember that having a tight budget gives you the chance to unleash your creativity and make the best of what you have. Small things like keeping your bedroom decluttered, adding flowers to your bedside table, adding cheap artwork on the walls and changing up your window treatment will make your bedroom look stunning.

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