Bedroom to Hotel Bedroom

There is a recurring trend taking Instagram by a storm at the moment, and that is creating a bedroom that gives off a hotel vibe. We’re talking about floor to ceiling headboards, statement lighting cascading over the bed, tall lamps and large lampshades with ambient lighting and dark earthy tones and materials.

We all deserve a little bit of luxury in our lives, and where better to start than in the comfort of our own bedroom. Did you know that we spend up to a third of our entire lives in bed, so giving ourselves a boutique, relaxing experience is ideal for getting the most out of your bedroom. You can pick one colour scheme, or more statement shade and use a variety of tones throughout your bedroom that work together coherently. You can tie in open shelving, displaying your home accessories and candles to create the ultimate stylish hotel inspired look.

Panelling is absolutely everywhere at the moment, which is fantastic. It gives your bedroom walls the added luxury needed to inspire the hotel look in your home. There are so many different ways to panel your room, and depending on the size and height of your walls, you can adapt this to your living space perfectly. When you have decided on your desired style of panelling, be sure to test out a variety of colours to make sure you select the right colour scheme before taking on your entire room. A bright, neutral colour will fill the space with light, and you can incorporate complementing colours and furnishings, from headboards to curtains and cushions.

Hotel bedrooms always have a focal point, so replicating this in our bedrooms is key. Whilst we want to replicate our favourite hotel room, it’s also important to incorporate an element of personalisation so we don’t lose the homey feel. Use your bed, bedding, and soft furnishings like cushions, and throws to create a statement as you walk into the room, and make sure all feature walls are behind the bed, to create a central focus. You don’t want to deflect from your beautifully made bed by having a feature elsewhere in the room.

It’s time to up the ante with our bedroom storage. Creating that high-end look comes with creating beautifully stylish options for storage. Bespoke storage solutions are the way to go when creating a hotel vibe. You can maximise your space and hide away all your belongings that you don’t want on show. It’s time to get rid of the clutter and free up space for a more minimalistic aesthetic. Tailoring your storage is perfect for smaller bedrooms, freeing up important space, reducing overcrowding and creating a free flowing space you can enjoy every single day. Make sure the colours match your colour scheme perfectly for the ultimate finesse.