Benefits of Privacy Fences for High-Traffic Streets


Privacy fences are growing in popularity and for all the right reasons. While they cost you a bit more than traditional options, they also bring numerous benefits that can’t be provided by other types of fences. One of the factors that are responsible for the high cost of privacy fencing is installation difficulty and complications. That’s why it’s best to leave it to the professionals by searching forfencing company near me” online. If you live in a busy neighborhood with high-traffic streets you should definitely consider installing them on your property. Let’s check out the benefit of privacy fences for high-traffic areas:

The Benefits

  1. Safety – Privacy fences form a tall and sturdy boundary around your property and protects you within its safe walls. It’s very important for neighborhoods that see a lot of cars and vehicles pass through. Kids and pets are curious and if you have your own, they tend to play explorer both indoors and outdoors. You don’t want your pets or kids to run out of your lawn onto the streets with heavy vehicles going at high speed. The car-dependent design of your city or neighborhood makes it intuitively less safe for children and pets and even more so if it’s a high-traffic area.

Even if you don’t have your own kids or pets, you may organize barbeque parties on your property and you don’t want accidents to happen. A privacy fence is a perfect solution with its thick and sturdy walls. Don’t worry if you have pets who have strong legs and can jump high. Privacy fences are usually tall enough and you can make them even taller to secure your pet within its boundaries. Lock the gate and you have peace of mind about the safety of your children and furry family members.

  1. Fixes the noise problem – Most people nowadays opt for windows and doors with multiple layers of insulation panels that keep the energy efficiency of your home high and the external noise out. However, that doesn’t work when you open the windows to let in some fresh air or want to relax on the porch while reading a book. If you’re lucky enough to live in a quiet neighborhood, it might work. But busy streets and intersections are a different story. The loud noise of cars and motorbikes all day would drive you insane and the honking is an added level of pain.

Noise is also very painful for your pets and can easily turn them irritable. That’s why you’ll find barking dogs in busy neighborhoods. A tall privacy fence acts as an excellent acoustic wall that shields your property from the noise. If you can choose the right materials, it wouldn’t just become a noise dampener, but also reflect a lot of noise and absorb most of it before it reaches your ears. You can have a peaceful time in the yard with your loved ones without noise disturbance if you install a privacy fence. It works well even if you’re in a quiet neighborhood. While the neighborhood may be quiet, your immediate neighbors may be loud.

  1. Privacy and security – The primary function of a privacy fence, it’s in the name. A tall fence with solid panels shields you from prying eyes, watchful strangers, and nosy neighbors. You can’t afford to not install it if you live by a busy street. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable when you have an outdoor pool day on the lawn with your family, caring for your plants, or doing any other activity on the porch. Apart from the privacy it also helps with security. Home invaders, robbers, thieves, and other people with ill intentions would need to monitor your property for a few days and plan out their operation. That becomes very difficult with a privacy fence. It acts as a deterrent to people with bad motives and takes your property off their checklist.

A privacy fence can also be a good investment for people who don’t live near high-traffic areas. Let’s check some of the other benefits of a privacy fence:

  1. Increases the value of your home – Privacy fences are like stone countertops and hardwood flooring. While they cost more than traditional picket fences and other fencing options, they also add immense value to your property. You can get a higher price for your property when you decide to sell it. The incredible benefits of a privacy fence also make it easy for the real estate agent to sell your property quickly.
  1. Maintenance costs – One of the benefits of a privacy fence is its ridiculously low maintenance cost. While you pay more upfront, the total cost of ownership and maintenance is almost the same as regular fencing in the long term. Once the privacy fence is installed, you would spend almost nothing on maintenance. Keep it clean with a power washer and it will give you no problems. If you choose materials like aluminum, it will also stand up to the harsh weather conditions and repairs can be as easy as clearing out a dent or swapping a board or panel.
  1. Aesthetics – When it comes to aesthetics, no other option comes close to the attractiveness of privacy fencing. You can choose the materials and style to suit your home and give it a unified look. Your curb appeal shots up instantly after you install a privacy fence. Curb appeal is one of the factors that influence the value of your property.


By now you’re aware of the numerous benefits of privacy fencing. If you live in a high-traffic area they can be an essential investment and the other benefits provided by them also makes it worth it to install on any suburban or urban home. However, the task is difficult and sometimes requires far more expertise and tools than a homeowner can afford. Consider outsourcing the job of fence material sourcing and installation to pros by searching for a “fencing company near me”.