Common Kitchen Items You Don’t Need

Designing your kitchen decor can be a very hectic activity. Besides the main elements like the fridge, hob, and sink, you have to buy lots of other things as well. During this process, many people often end up buying items that will not benefit them. Buying these items will not only increase your expenses but also create more clutter in your kitchen. If you do not want to make the same mistake that others make, here are a few common modular kitchen items you must avoid buying:

01 of 06 Large spice containers

People use spices to add more taste and flavour to dishes. However, it is important that the spices you use are not too old and still can make your food taste better. When people buy large spice containers, they tend to buy spices in higher quantities and store them in the containers. Hence, by the time the spice ends, it gets a little old. Some spices may not enhance the taste of your food when they are not fresh. This is why you should always buy spices in low quantities so that they stay fresh. Choosing small spice containers will help to develop the habit of buying spices in small quantities.

02 of 06 Food containers that are opaque

You often need small food containers for storing various things like leftover food or home-prepared ingredients. To store them, experts always recommend opting for transparent containers. This is because transparent containers prove to be very beneficial when you are trying to find something. Since people often use many small containers to store different items, it can get a little difficult to understand what is stored where without opening the containers if they are opaque. By opting for transparent containers you can reduce a lot of unnecessary waste of time. Also, it is always beneficial when you choose containers that can be used for heating in the microwave.

03 of 06 A lot of mugs

When buying items for a U-shaped, galley, or parallel kitchen, people often end up buying lots of mugs. Although having mugs in your kitchen is essential, you should understand that too much of anything is never beneficial. Hence, you should never go overboard when buying mugs for your kitchen. This is because when you end up buying too many mugs, the kitchen design will start appearing cluttered. Also, storing them will occupy a lot of storage space that could have been used for storing other essential items. Not managing your storage properly can get very problematic in small kitchen decor. However, this does not mean you should not buy the things you like. You can get a beautiful cup collection to display in your kitchen.

04 of 06 Do not buy specific glassware for everything

Glassware is essential in your modular kitchen so that you can drink to serve something to your guests. Although you will find different glassware options for every different thing, it is often better to restrict yourself from buying different glassware for different activities. For instance, different glasses are available for drinking juice, water, and wine. Instead of buying a separate set for everything, you should stick to one set. This will help to save a lot of money and storage space.

05 of 06 Do not buy unnecessary appliances

Modular kitchen designs are filled with various appliances. Without all the necessary appliances, your U-shaped, galley, or parallel kitchen design will be incomplete. Hence, you must buy all the appliances necessary to make the kitchen more functional. However, this does not mean you need all the appliances available in the market. You may not require a few appliances in your kitchen and buying them will be a waste of money and time. For instance, if you do not drink tea, there is no point in buying a coffee maker for your kitchen. Hence, you must learn to prioritise and buy the appliances accordingly.

06 of 06 A regular toaster machine

In many homes, people eat toast in the morning. Hence, a toasting machine becomes indispensable in a kitchen. However, you can consider avoiding the conventional toasting machines where the bread pieces pop-up when toasted. Although they seem very convenient, you should consider opting for modern solutions. Many people are now switching from pop-up toasters to toaster ovens. These come with many more additional features. Using these features you perform various additional activities that were not possible in the conventional pop-up toasters. From warming leftovers, broiling burgers to melting cheese, there is a range of activities you can perform with a modern toaster oven.