Crane Modernization

Cranes are used in different industrial sectors to keep businesses or construction projects running smoothly. Crane industries are growing due to the increasing demand for different cranes in the construction and engineering industries. Choosing the right crane for the construction project varies based on the construction site, project size, weather, length of the project, and the weight of the materials to be moved or lifted. Site van Adrighem offers various cranes for rent, or sale, and purchase of new or used cranes. Visit the van Adrighem site, leaders in the supply of cranes, for any crane queries you may have.

It is important to equip your cranes with modern features, technology, and capabilities, to meet customer needs with the highest level of productivity and safety. This is done by either using a new modern crane, upgrading an existing one, or repairing and repurposing an old crane. Modernizing a crane is a solution that increases crane productivity, reliability, and meets changing market demand, thus continued smooth operation. Reasons for modernizing a crane or a lifting device may vary from the increasing demand for faster-operating speed, more lifting capacity, reliable controls, changing market demands, increased production to extending investment life for crane suppliers.

The benefit of modernizing your crane

As crane ages, the chances of experiencing a lack of efficiency and unscheduled shutdown are high. Modernizing a crane increases efficiency, versatility, performance, extends the crane service life, ensures better control for the crane operator. Modern cranes have safety features that help eliminate injuries or accidents at the work site for crane operators and workers. Modern features such as detecting overload, unstable loads, possible overheating prevention, and minimizing dangerous load swings increase safety at the worksite.

Mechanical upgrades are part of modernizing a crane. Crane worn-out parts such as gears, bearings, brake systems, and wheels are replaced with their modern counterparts resulting in the extended service life of a crane. Constant repair and maintenance of an old crane to maintain performance satisfaction can be costly. Modernizing a crane is less costly than continued repairs and using modern parts or introducing new technology such as switching from DC to AC, creates more efficient equipment. With modern upgrades come less maintenance and repair costs. Modernizing a crane also helps repair workers to get replacement parts from the old cranes that may be too expensive or outdated to find. Increased handling capacity is achieved through crane modernization as new material handling technologies and types of equipment emerges.

When to modernize your crane

Modernize your crane if the equipment fails, when the crane is too old, outdated hoist system, crane parts are worn out, when crane performance and capabilities are not efficient, or increased lifting capacity is needed.


It is possible to upgrade and equip an old crane with new technologies that meet the market demands and changing safety standards. Crane modernization is commonly on hoists, wireless remote control, motion, and speed controls, lifting capacity, improved drive system, and electrical system. Visit Site van Adrighem for additional insight regarding modernizing your crane.