Different types of wardrobes a family needs

Different people own different things; hence make a list of the number of people in your family and their stock and belongings before you start shopping for wardrobes. The funny thing about wardrobes is that they are most underrated during the upgrading or building of a new master bedroom. At the same time, it doesn’t matter whether your room is small or large. Two essentials you will need to be an ergonomic bed and a wardrobe, also coined as ‘almirah.’

Well, you can easily move your bed or replace it over time if you are not impressed with its performance, but it is impossible to shift your wardrobe unless you shop one with a portable intend. Therefore, you cannot afford to be wrong while shopping for cupboards.

Moreover, you don’t show it off to your guests by disorganizing your clothes and shoes all around your house, and you prominently do it because you don’t have sufficient storage space. Most people believe that the internet helps them provide the best suggestions, but they still get confused with so many options available in the market.

So, after surfing multiple websites, you still cannot find the type of wardrobe you are looking for? No worries, here we will explore different styles of wardrobes for all your family needs.

Tracing the history of different types of wardrobe designs:

Did you know? The term wardrobe was used in Medieval England in the 17th century as ‘lavatory’ largely used to store clothes and some essential accessories such as precious jewelry. Of course, the term changed according to the needs over the years, and today we all know it as storage cupboards. So, wardrobes are not a new concept as they have been there for ages offering compartments to store. However, there is a lot of difference between traditional ornate almirah and modern wardrobes in terms of designs, shapes, colors, and functional value.

Most people love to go with traditional wardrobes and try to be simple with designs and textures. At the same time, some people like to be innovative, think for out-of-the-box, and brainstorm ideas for wardrobe selection for their bedroom. It is also quite easy to bring them under your design plans due to their salient nature. One of the best advantages of standalone almirah is that they look beautiful and are also quite spacious compared to modern wardrobes. They are also durable when compared to contemporary cabinets.

If you still cannot decide on the best wardrobe for your bedroom, take a look at some of the best wardrobe styles displayed on reputed décor brands in India.

1) Modern and smart:

A wooden cupboard with a sleek piece of furniture will fit right inside your master bedroom if you love to go with contemporary designs. You can go with the one having a height from floor to ceiling to ensure that you give all the clothes the place they deserve. You also get additional cabinets to store heavy blankets and spare pillows to ensure that your bedroom is the most organized place in the house.

2) For the highly organized householders:

If you are the one in the house who wants everything to be perfect, you can go with 4 door wardrobe design as it will provide ample space to fit all the essential clothing and accessories perfectly. Although you will have to spend a lot of money initially, you will also get quality in return.

3) Majestic tone for parent’s bedroom:

Do you have parents who appreciate traditional concepts? What about shopping for a rajwadi style wardrobe that brings premium quality artistic and vintage furniture, which would be a great surprise for your elderly parents. They all share similar designs, like two separate storage units and different drawers, and four doors to organize everything the way you like. One of the best advantages of going with the rajwadi style wardrobe is you get perfect detailing in every inch of the design, which is eye-catching.

4) Selecting the right wardrobe for the kid’s bedroom:

When the concern is about selecting the best wardrobe for your kids, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Wardrobes for children need a lot of boxes to ensure that they can store all essentials such as toys, video games, clothes, books, awards, and favorite comics. Moreover, you have to ensure that the wardrobes you select for the children’s bedroom have no sharp corners or edges as your kids can hurt themselves accidentally. You also have to choose a wardrobe with sufficient space as the need for space will grow continuously as your children grow up.

Without any doubt, all the interior designers and experts would recommend you to go with bright colors when the concern is about selecting a kid’s wardrobe. It doesn’t mean you can go with saturated egg-yolk or orange as it can look quite awkward. However, you can go with bright red or lemon yellow to ensure that your kids feel fresh every morning when getting ready for their day.

There is also chalkboard surfaced wardrobes available in the market, which you can select to unleash the creativity of your kids. It is also easy to clean as you can wipe it with a piece of dry cloth.

If you are thinking about drawers, we recommend you keep them at the bottom of the wardrobe to ensure that your kids can have easy access to their clothes and stuff. Low drawers will also make sure that your kids don’t bang their heads on the sharp corners.

5) Significance of selecting the right material:

No matter what designs you select for the wardrobes, they would never look perfect unless you pick up the suitable material. Most modern cupboards are made from plywood or hardboard, but the options are plenty; hence, you can decide to keep the budget in mind. Also, make sure that the material you select complements the overall beauty of the room.

So, those were some of the best wardrobe ideas for different people in the house. You have to take care of not compromising with size, shape, and budget while shopping for wardrobes.