Effective Remedies To Unblock Your Blocked Toilet At Home

A clogged toilet is your worst nightmare. Just imagine your Toilet is clogged, and you need to use it urgently. Isn’t it scary? Well, situations like these do arrive in your day-to-day life when the flush of your Toilet suddenly stops working or it gets clogged and stops working.

Bathrooms are an integral part of your house. It needs weekly cleaning and monthly maintenance to save you from sudden surprises. But sometimes, you end up in such a compromising state that you face different problems, unclogging your blocked drain.

You don’t need to call a handyperson to help unblock your drains. Instead, you can look up to the intent on how to unblock a badly blocked toilet and save your time and money. Or else you can learn it in advance and protect yourself from further embracement .believe it or not, there are several effective ways by which you can clean or unblock a badly blocked toilet at home.

What Is A Drain Liner?

Drain lining refers to the inner lining of your drain pipes that throw out waste from the drainage points. It also helps maintain sufficient air pressure inside the drain pipes. It helps in increasing the lifetime of these pipes. Traditionally a polymer lining is applied inside the drainage pipe, which binds the extra pipe with the existing pipe.

The best thing about using a drain liner is that it is a cost-effective and highly efficient way of waste disposal. Moreover, it is highly durable and easily replaceable .hence you will not have to spend much money replacing it.

What Are Ways Of Unblocking Your Toilet At Home?

Let’s look at the quick home remedies for cleaning a blocked toilet at home.

Drain Cleans

These days you will get a variety of drain clears that are widely available in the market. Most of them are chemical based because of this, and they have a higher chance of damaging the affected area. But now, environment-friendly options like bio clearness are also available in the comparatively safe market.

Dry/Wet Vacuum

Vacuums are also highly effective in unblocking your blocked drains. They can be used in both the ways wet and dry. Consider using your regular household vacuum to unblock your sink or shower area. But you should also be prepared that you might ruin your vacuum if you overuse it to clean your blocked Toilet.

Plumbing Snack

Plumbing snack is also an excellent and highly effective way to clean your blocked Toilet. Moreover, it enables you to reach the deepest corners of your drains and sewage pipes and constantly push the waste.

Vinegar And Baking Soda

It is the oldest way to clear blocked drains and pipes. This is the most effective and pocket-friendly way to remove unwanted bathroom and toilet blockage. It works mainly; you will get full results every time you use this remedy.


In other words, if your bathroom is poorly clogged, try any of the abovementioned remedies. It will help you deal with the emergency and find a quick solution for that moment.

Learning basic life skills and several hacks will help you save time and money. And most importantly, skills and knowledge never go waste; hence they come in handy when an emergency arises. You can easily unblock your drains, showers, sink, and toilets.