Granite At Home: Advantages And Disadvantages

A very popular material in homes, granite like calacatta venice Quartz for example continues to arouse interest. Robust and very aesthetic with its rich colors and unique inlays, it is used for worktops, stairs, and even floors. Zoom on the advantages and disadvantages of opting for granite in your home.

The Granite Countertop

For a hard-wearing and solid worktop, granite-like the one offered by Granit Creation, is very easy to clean and maintain. This pretty, speckled, marbled stone with colored or shiny inlays brings a modern and practical touch to your worktop. But, like all natural materials, granite has its advantages and disadvantages. After laminate, granite is the second most preferred material for designing countertops. Moreover, it has multiple qualities, such as resistance to any test. Indeed, granite is not afraid of scratches or thermal shocks.

Granite Flooring

Although granite like in Granite Selection for instance is the most expensive natural stone on the market, more and more individuals are opting for this alternative for flooring. Indeed, the granite floor responds to its price through its qualities in terms of aesthetics and resistance. Indoors or outdoors, the granite floor gives character to the house and will resist all attacks.

The granite floor is particularly interesting for paving a habitat indoors or outdoors. Indeed, granite lends itself to all environments; it resists cold and frost. As the name suggests, this material is grainy and offers a rough surface. The risks of slipping are, therefore, lower compared to other natural stone coverings. In addition, you will not need any pre-treatment to benefit from these qualities. Granite comes in many colors and can be chosen according to your tastes.

Disadvantages Of A Granite Floor

The price of acquiring a granite floor remains its biggest drawback. Indeed, granite is much more expensive than other natural stones. However, buying a square meter can cut it according to your desires. Thus, despite its price, the granite floor remains very flexible. Very solid; you can also have it polished or frosted as needed, depending on its age and the condition of the slabs. Sometimes all it takes is a little abrasion to rediscover the original color of the granite and make it slip-resistant again.

Another disadvantage of a granite floor: the color sometimes changes over the years because it is a natural stone. To be sure your choice is durable, ask to see the vein for the size of the granite.