Matt Davies Stockton Examines the Latest Trends in Remodeling Your Kitchen


According to Matt Davies Stockton, modern kitchens come in many designs, each with its own uniqueness and special features. However, there is no need to worry about how to design your new kitchen since you can follow the latest kitchen remodeling trends that fulfill your functional and decor requirements.

The Trends

Here are some of the latest trends in kitchen remodeling that you can follow to upgrade your kitchen:

  1. Smart kitchens – It is not hard to imagine that kitchens integrated with smart technology and intelligent appliances are trending in modern society when they make our lives so much easier. Even if you are only doing a minor kitchen remodeling, you can simply upgrade to smart kitchen appliances and smart kitchen gadgets with intelligent sensors to improve the functionality of your kitchen space.

For instance, motion-sense-equipped kitchen faucets are very popular since they turn on automatically when they detect the presence of hands underneath. Smart refrigerators that monitor and display the temperature inside or alert you of low-running grocery items are also popular.

  1. Kitchen islands that serve as focal points – Kitchen islands are still a trending feature in modern kitchens, but they are now built much larger to be multipurpose and serve as the focal point of the whole kitchen space.

Generally, modern kitchen islands have cabinets that offer extra storage and also have adequate space under the counter to store a few kitchen appliances. Plus, they also serve as a casual dining and drinking space when equipped with proper seating.

Natural stones that help portray the color of the season are also on the rise. These include onyx,  Brazilian granites, and even Indian marbles.

  1. Darker shades of color – According to the latest kitchen remodeling trends, a majority of people are opting to switch from classy white cabinets to darker shades of different colors that infuse the kitchen space with a different vibe.

Green and blue with a combination of neutral natural shades are the most popular color combination. For instance, emerald-green, dark jewel tones, navy, plum, and black are chosen for their elegant vibe and rich and luxurious feel.

  1. More functional storage options – One of the main reasons for upgrading your kitchen space is to make it more functional and improve effective storage options. Thus, it has become a trend to invest in building highly efficient storage cabinets that allow you to organize your kitchen space better and make it look neater and tidier.

For instance, modern kitchen cabinetry comes with tray dividers, appliance garages for storing small appliances, roll-out trays and caddies for pans and pots, drawer dividers for utensils and cutlery, wastebasket cabinets for recyclables and garbage, deep drawers, pull-outs for spices, and more.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests you invest in a layered lighting solution in your kitchen since it is not only trending but also helps to make your kitchen look more beautiful and incredibly functional. The implementation of task lighting in the specific sections of the kitchen along with a combination of bold pendant lights also helps to add some character to the kitchen space.