Masculine lounge room with flush mount light fixtures

Modern lighting fixtures for your home

Over the last decade or so, flush-mount lights have been given a bad name, due to the usage of a certain design of the dome-shaped lamp.

However, this vital lighting element now comes in a wide range of styles and has a large choice of applications to choose from which is why flush mount lights are one of the top modern lighting fixtures for your home.

Toss off all you think you know about this underappreciated design element to the side and discover all the ways it can enhance and enliven your space.

What Is Flush Mount Lighting?

Flush mount lighting is a type of lighting that sits flush against the ceiling and directs light downward. Flush mount lights are good for areas with lower ceilings and are ideal for keeping dust and debris away from the bulb and shade because there is no space between the ceiling and the light itself. They’re usually used as general illumination in small rooms, task lighting in bigger rooms, or to fill in areas that uplights don’t reach.

Semi-flush mount lighting hangs from the ceiling like flush mounts, but there is some space between the light and the ceiling. This area permits some uplighting to reflect onto the ceiling and into the room, resulting in a brighter overall environment.

Flush Mount Styles

When you think about flush mount lighting, the ever-popular melon form that you find in residences and businesses comes to mind. Flush mount lights, on the other hand, maybe found to fit practically any lighting scheme.

A three-light flush mount provides targeted task lighting from the ceiling. A flush-mounted chandelier will add elegance to your entryway, or go all out in a small powder room with a crystal flush mount that will bounce light throughout the area.

Fabric shades focus the light up and down for a modest spotlight effect, while glass shades soften and spread the light from the bulb. Bulb changes are straightforward with twist-and-lock blinds, which is especially useful in high-traffic areas like laundry rooms, corridors, and mudrooms.

Brighten Up Your Room

Flush mount lighting was once thought to blend into the ceiling. Unique flush mount lighting, on the other hand, may now match your decor and even stand alone as art.

Traditional flush mounts, for example, use classic designs and finishes to showcase the symmetry and timeless charm of your floor plan if your home has a colonial vibe.

Modern styles and designer flush mount lighting bring cohesion to the aesthetic of your home if your design sense is more contemporary. These modern lights take on responsibilities of form and function in your home’s overall appeal, with geometric designs and unique interpretations of shade shapes.

Where Should I Place My Light?

In small rooms and as a subdividing element in larger ones, flush mount lighting is ideal. It looks great as an overhead light in a child’s room, and smaller flush mount lights work nicely in closets to illuminate the best outfit for the day.

When you arrange many lights down the length of a corridor or set off work zones in a large kitchen, use unique flush mount lighting as architectural interest. Flush mount lighting in your foyer welcomes guests with just the appropriate amount of light for the ideal tone setting.

Flush mount lighting is available in every size, shape, and finish you can imagine, whether you’re upgrading your fixtures or adding some much-needed task lighting to what you already have.

Hopefully, this has helped you to decide if flush mount lights are the way for you.

Image Source: Pixabay