Staying in Control of Your Garden

There are a few reasons why it’s essential to keep your garden in order, some of which can be beneficial to your happiness and finances too!

Tidy Gardens Maintain or Add Value To Your Home

A well-maintained garden can preserve or even increase the value of your property, which is crucial for homeowners planning to sell their homes.

Prevent the Garden from Becoming Unruly

Keeping on top of the garden also prevents it from getting out of control, which could cause you to undertake a backlog of gardening tasks to revert it to a reasonable and orderly state.

Improves Your Perception of Your Home

Driving up to a home with a pleasant garden gives individuals a sense of satisfaction about where they live.

But, as you’ve probably figured out already, maintaining a garden is far from easy. Thus, leading many to wonder what they can do to keep their outdoor spaces looking great. For some direction, take a look at the three top suggestions below.

Minimise Foliage

You can quickly conquer gardening jobs and keep on top of the home’s exterior by reducing greenery.

Options for removing plants and shrubs include selling them online on platforms such as a Facebook marketplace or gifting them to neighbours, family, and friends.

Subtracting greens from the garden leaves you with fewer landscaping tasks to complete and results in a plot that’s easier to manage.

Invest in Outdoor Storage

Sufficient outdoor storage is an ideal solution that can help you keep your garden looking presentable.

For instance, log cabins can offer a picturesque and multi-functional space outdoors for homeowners to keep their garden tools and hide children’s toys in an instant. This extra space can be welcome to those with specialist interests too. For example, a workshop or studio that might otherwise cause clutter inside the home.

Remove Weeds the Right Way

Some people make the mistake of rushing garden work and cutting corners. Which consequently can cause even more jobs (or weeds rather) to crop up in the future.

Weeds are unsightly and spoil the garden, which is why homeowners should tackle these on a routine basis. But! They must do it the right way to avoid rapid regrowth.

Dandelions, for example, develop long, strong roots. And even when you think you’ve removed the majority of this weed from the garden. Should an inch or more of the root be left in the soil – dandelions shall grow back faster and stronger.

You can avoid a weed issue from manifesting and keep on top of your gardening by;

  • Watering the soil or grass beforehand to make it easier to shovel out the weeds
  • Dig a tunnel with a trowel around the weed
  • Firmly grab the weed and twist and pull to extract
  • Repeat this task until the garden is clear of weeds

As revealed above, gardening needn’t be a long and arduous task. By making a few smart choices such as adding storage solutions and minimising foliage. You can stay in control of your garden spaces with minimal effort.