The Hottest Home Office Furniture Trends of 2022


Home offices turned from necessities to trends over the past few years and now people want more out of them. When home office furniture breaks down you can do a few things, you can either look up “furniture repair near me” and get it fixed by professionals or use this opportunity to revamp your home office. Let’s look at some of the hottest home office furniture trends of 2022:

The Trends

  1. Seats – Before work from home became a necessity for a lot of people, any chair would work for the home office. You could simply use the dining table chair since you were going to work for a couple of hours at most. However, that has been changing since work-from-home became a norm. People have to spend a significant portion of the day working at their home office and that needs some ergonomic changes.

That’s why ergonomic chairs have entered many homes and will continue to do so this year as well. Choose a chair that has adjustable arm height, width, and sway. It should also have adjustable lumbar support, seat height, and headrest. That would allow you to customize the chair according to your needs.

The aero design has also become the norm with home office chairs. With several hours spent on the chair, you may want to opt for a chair that has a mesh back to allow air circulation and keep your back from sweating. These kinds of chairs are more comfortable and also easy to clean.

  1. Desks – Desks are also a big part of home office setups and certain types of desks have been gaining popularity. It’s just not about the style or form, it’s about both. In 2022, large desks that offer both functionality and comfort would be the norm. Since people are spending more time on their home-office desks, they are trying to make it as comfortable as possible. Instead of laptops that force them to make power and performance compromises, they are making bulky desktops.

They want more space on the desk for their accessories, tablets, picture frames, plants, and more. Apart from large desks, people are also opting for height-adjustable desks. Sitting all day on a chair is tiring and not good for your spine. Most people realize that and that’s why they are opting for height-adjustable desks so that they can easily adjust the height to make it into a standing desk.

  1. A destressing environment – With work-from-home, there are no chats by the coffee machine, no breaks in the lunge, and no gossip by that secluded space in the building. That’s why home office setups are being changed rapidly to allow workers their deserved breaks and de-stressing sessions.

Apart from an ergonomic chair, they also want a comfy seating space in the home office. They want to step back from the desk and relax on a comfy style chair or sofa to take a break. They want the home office to be a hybrid setup that reflects both the home environment and office environment. That’s why there’s also a large TV on the other wall and soft fluffy carpets.

  1. Clean setups – When you’re opting for bulky desktops, open-back headphones, and all kinds of gadgets to make your work more efficient and pleasing, you end up with a lot of wires. Apart from being a tripping hazard, those wires are ugly and a constant reminder of the chaos in everyone’s life. They also bring down the overall aesthetic appeal of home offices.

There are also gadgets that need to be changed frequently and powered on occasionally to keep the workflow going. That’s why clean setups with innovative charging solutions would be the trend in 2022. Desks with hidden space for storing power banks and other portable devices, desk pads that double as a wireless charging pad, and plenty of cable management guides on home office furniture would be the trend.

  1. Lights and acoustics – Lights would also become very important for home offices in 2022. While most people prefer to set up their office in open airy rooms with large windows to allow in plenty of natural light, different solutions are necessary after dark. Monitor backlights would become immensely popular for those who work mostly after dark and ambiance light would take a key role. They will allow professionals to turn their home office setups into recreational centers with ease.

Apart from lights, the acoustics would also take an important role in home office setups in 2022. A quiet room is very important to concentrate on work and also enjoy good music while you’re working. That’s why people are going to invest in soundproofing their room and invest more in acoustic panels to block disrupting noise from family members and prevent noise from leaking out of their home office.

  1. Plants and exercise equipment – Plants would also increase in trend for home offices. Working in a closed environment without interacting with other people or going outside can take a toll on your mental health. That’s why more people are buying potted plants to have a soothing environment in their home office. Watering and occasionally caring for the plants is also therapeutic for a lot of people.

Apart from that, more people are going to bring in some light exercise equipment in their home office. Something like a yoga mat, a few dumbbells, a skipping rope, and maybe stretching bands could be a start. While most people ignored indoor exercise equipment when work-from-home used to be a temporary setup, deteriorating health has made everyone desperate for change. Moreover, light exercises in between work can give you the dopamine boost to focus on work.


You can use the above-mentioned list as inspiration to renovate and change your home office setup with some new furniture and design elements. Otherwise, you can save your money and spend a fraction of it to get your broken furniture repaired by professionals. To hire reputed professionals for the job search for “furniture repair near me”.