The Limits Of Buying Real Estate

For those struggling to decide between buying or renting a property, let’s discuss the different limits of the purchase. One is the need to have an adequate budget from the start. Challenging to find a very comfortable residence if the financial means are lacking. Real estate such as 33 Realty for example investment is only possible if you have a substantial budget conducive to a savings capacity to cope with any difficulties in life. Nevertheless, the acquisition of a property must be preceded by various calculations, including, in particular, the costs of credit and borrower insurance, notary fees, or property tax. If the results of the balance lean on the side of the purchase, then it represents the best outcome between buying or renting a house.

In addition, if you buy your home, you will be less likely to invest in real estate for rental. Some banks generally lend up to a debt ratio of 33%. If you reach this ceiling, banks will have more difficulty lending to you again without input to complete a transaction. You should also have a knowledge of How to Find Distressed Real Estate when buying a real estate

Buying Or Renting A House: The Choice Is Clear

Arrive at this stage; the choice will not be difficult for you. But before deciding on anything, it is better to disclose the following additional information.

Some Very Important Indicators

If you are hesitating between buying or renting a property, it is in your interest to consider indicators of great importance, such as the rates of credit contribution or the price per square meter in euros on the market. Be careful; treating these two variables separately is not advisable because they are complementary and closely linked.

It could be, for example, that the prices in euros of the real estate market experienced a very strong increase but the rates of the credit contribution fall by way of compensation. Conversely, borrowing rates remain low and real estate high, as in 2020. Another point to see is taxation: this is to be looked at closely, especially when the housing tax is in danger of disappearing.

Conclusion On The Match: Buy Or Rent

To conclude, we offer a non-exhaustive summary that will help you decide whether to buy or rent your primary residence.

  • When to lean for the purchase?
  • No investment projects
  • No changes to be expected
  • Profiles of people who want to enjoy their property as they want
  • Transmit to his heirs
  • To calm the “feeling of insecurity linked to the rental”
  • If you can anticipate a price increase

When to lean for the rental?

  • You want to attack an investment strategy
  • You are mobile (transfer, displacement, etc.)
  • Your couple is faltering