Ways To Secure Your Home Yourself

A burglary does not happen by chance. Often, the dwellings are observed, and the comings and goings of the occupants are monitored until action is taken. Many solutions from forbel.com are inexpensive and easy to implement. Here are a few that may inspire you! You will have all the cards in hand to secure your home yourself.

Simulate His Presence

Houses locked, shutters closed, and lights off; burglars are familiar. A house plunged into darkness betrays your absence. The solution? Simulate a presence even when no one is there!

Agree with your neighbors so you can ventilate for a few hours by watering your plants and picking up your mail.

Install a daily programmer that turns on the lights or the television at fixed times to make people believe in a real presence.

Chance sometimes does things well for the thief! To enter your home, he first tries to enter through the door. He will search for an open window if the door is closed correctly.

Before you leave your home, double check:

Locking all doors and all entrances (windows, garages, verandas).

Locking of all windows.

Good to know: be very careful, especially with windows and French windows opening onto a balcony or terrace. It is mistakenly thought that the burglar will not bother to get out or climb the ladder

Choose Quality Locks

Do you know how long an experienced burglar takes to break into your front door? Often less than a minute! To prevent it from entering, it is imperative to ensure the quality of its locks.

Install a lock on your shutters to prevent it from forcing the windows, and have all the locks reinforced by a locksmith or even changed.

Place a motion sensor light in front of the entrance: the thief will not force the door in the whole light!

Good to know: a quality lock is also a lock that is taken care of. An honest locksmith tells you more.

Hide Your Valuables

Your jewelry and valuables benefit from being well hidden, whether you are present or absent from your home:

Choose a built-in safe that you will skillfully conceal.

Ask a friend of yours who knows your home to put themselves in the place of a burglar. Where would he look first?

Practice House Swapping

To go on holiday at a lower cost, a home exchange is a good way to save on accommodation. But it also helps to prevent burglaries.

Having people occupy the premises is the best way to prevent burglaries. Activity and comings and goings are more discouraging than any alarm from Retail Security Systems Installation Service for example, especially when schedules are inconsistent and occupant movements are difficult to anticipate.