What Goes Into The CCTV Drain Survey?

The drains are a crucial component of our house. Therefore, you need to take good care of them. You surely have heard about the drain survey that can help you know about the drain condition from the inside out. The CCTV drain survey works wonders as you can enter the drain and check for every minute problem.

To help you understand more about the topics, we would like you to tell about what you should expect from the CCTV drain survey.

What Happens During A CCTV Survey?

The drain systems are hidden under our walls and floors. Since the problem in drainage occurs inside the pipe. No method other than the CCTV survey can effectively show you what is going inside the pipes. The CCTV survey makes use of high tech equipment such as waterproof camera and crawlers, which expert insert into your drain.

The camera then sends live feedback to the led screens that you and the expert can view to have a look at the inside of your drain. Since you can check drains from inside, you get to identify all the issues in less time without breaking or drilling.

When Should You Take The Drain Survey?

Firstly, if you see a drainage issue at your house, you have to call for a drain survey. Besides, CCTV drain survey comes in handy in many other situations

Suppose you want to invest in a property, and want to know the condition of the interested property. Besides, if you are taking a mortgage loan to buy a house or property, the bank or lender may ask you to provide the drain survey report. The survey generates a perfect review of your drain condition that lenders like to know about before trusting you with their money.

Moreover, the drain survey can help you avoid putting money on the property in the worst condition. You can even go with a CCTV survey before renting a house. That can help you avoid future problems.

Equipment You Going To See During Drain Survey

The CCTV drain survey relies heavily on technology. Therefore, when the experts arrive at your house, you are going to see them equipped with different tools. Here are the details of equipment an expert can use for conducting a drain survey.

·        Waterproof Cameras:

The waterproof camera use in the survey is durable and can operate under flowing water.

·        Access Rods

The cameras are mounted on the access rod. The rods are flexible and useful for navigating the camera inside the drains.