Why A Cover Is A Must-Have Pool Accessory

Yes, you can have a swimming pool without a cover, but why would you want to when there are so many benefits to having one? If you think they are simply an eyesore, you couldn’t be more wrong. A pool cover is a smart purchase and in this post, we’ll explain all the reasons why.

Maintain optimal water clarity

Keep your pool’s water pure and suitable for swimming with the help of a cover! Debris like leaves, mud, and rain can alter the chemistry of your pool, and a cover can effectively prevent these or, at the very least, reduce these from entering your pool water. To maintain a clear and clean pool, the water must be balanced. You can retain the water quality much easier with a cover than without one. A cover can minimise the amount of time needed to clean the pool and the number of chemicals required. They can keep leaves from contaminating your pool’s water, extending the time that it stays clean.

Enjoy your pool for longer

When the weather cools off, swimming in your pool will be much more enjoyable thanks to a pool cover as they help to retain warmth in the water. You can boost your pool’s warming capabilities further with a solar pool cover. A good quality pool cover can raise the water’s temperature by up to 10 degrees, allowing you to enjoy your pool throughout more of the year as opposed to only when the climate is warm enough.

Limit how much pool maintenance you need to do

Pool cleaning is necessary no matter what but you can reduce the amount that you have to do with a pool cover. By covering your pool, you can cut down on the impurities entering your pool by up to 70%. This will save you a tonne of time, especially during the winter when you probably won’t be using the pool as frequently or wishing to venture outside in the cold to remove leaves. Additionally, you won’t need to use your pool vacuum as much as a result which will save you money on electricity.

Conserve water

The rate that the water from your pool evaporates depends on several things. The amount of wind that it gets, the air temperature, and how much direct sunshine your pool receives can all cause your pool water to evaporate faster. Most people will find that their water levels lower more quickly in the summer than they do in the colder seasons. A pool cover can reduce evaporation by up to 95%. This saves water by preventing the need to regularly top it up to the proper level for your pool’s equipment to function. The chemical levels in your water can be diluted by frequently refilling your pool, and you might discover that you need to add additional chemicals to keep the water from becoming green.

Makes heating your pool easier and more affordable

As touched on earlier, a cover can retain warmth in your pool, and this is ideal if you have pool heating.

A cover keeps warmth in the water of your pool and stops it from evaporating. This prevents the temperature in your pool from dropping during the night, making the water more pleasant to swim in all day. If you have heating, you won’t need to operate it for as long to return it to the desired temperature. Without a cover, air constantly reaches your pool, lowering its temperature. You can stop this from occurring by covering it.

Increases pool safety

All new spas and Fibreglass Pools Sydney in Australia are required to have a compliant pool barrier in place by law.

If a gate is accidentally left open and youngsters enter the pool area, a correctly fitted pool cover can provide an additional degree of security. Hard tops covers and those with anchor points that make the cover firm are the best options. Floating pool coverings don’t provide any additional safety benefits as they sink when weight is added to them.

The best type of swimming pool cover

It may seem daunting when it comes time to choose the best pool cover as there are hundreds of different brands and styles available both online and in-store. Determine how much you are prepared to spend on a cover and which options are appropriate for your pool before making your decision. If you have an odd-shaped pool, you may need to have a cover made specifically for your pool. There are four primary types of pool covers to pick from, to give you a general idea:

Automatic pool covers

These are the most expensive yet most effective pool cover types. They are typically integrated into the side of the pool ensuring that the aesthetics of the pool are not affected.

Manual pool covers

These are the cheapest pool cover option and they simply roll across your pool using a manual roller.

Mesh pool covers

Mesh pool covers are made from a mesh-like material, and they are usually secured firmly into place.

Solar pool covers

Solar covers, often known as bubble covers, have a unique bubble-wrap-like texture. They use the warmth from the sun and absorb it to warm the water. A good quality solar cover can heat the pool by up to 12 degrees.

Cut back on your pools chemical use

Swimming pool chlorine keeps the pool water fresh and clean however, it deteriorates when exposed to UV rays. When the pool is not in use, covering it can preserve the chemical levels that are currently in the water. This can save you time on rebalancing the chemical levels.

A pool cover is a smart investment in more ways than one

As you can see, a pool cover, regardless of the type, is beneficial in many ways. They come in several different price points enabling people with all budgets to reap the benefits that a pool cover can provide.

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