Why Is Foundation Important While Constructing A Building

The construction industry is said to be India’s second-largest industry and contributes a large amount in GDP. Every building has the same basic steps like leveling and foundation. Let’s see why the foundation is important and its uses.

Leveling and foundation are the most important and primary steps of any construction. The site needs to be prepared in every way to build anything. The site checked whether the entire place is at the same level. If it isn’t at the same level, it is leveled. Then it’s the time for foundation. During the foundation process, most piling contractors are hired to check the entire process. Everyone knows that a strong foundation is the most important thing before starting the construction. Hence, it’s done properly with all high-class equipment.

Uses Of Foundations:

  1. The main use of foundation is structural stability. There’s a famous saying “you sow what you reap”. The same applies to the construction of a building. The more strong the foundation, stable will be the building. Hence, it’s clear that the foundation stabilizes the building.
  2. Furthermore, the foundation is used to distribute the weight. Unequal settlements or heavy loads in different places lead to dangerous issues like instability of the building. Using foundation and CFA piling the weight will be distributed equally over the area.
  3. Without a foundation, a building would simply sink during natural calamities. A foundation holds the soil and the surface together. So, if there are any natural calamities like earthquakes the building stands strong for longer durations.
  4. For the construction of a building, the surface needs to be at the same level. There shouldn’t be any ups and downs throughout the construction site. A foundation is even used to level the place.
  5. Every location or area doesn’t have the same type of soil. Hence constructing a building on various types of soil is a difficult task for piling contractors. Foundation is a boon for all of them. Various types of foundations can be used for various types of soil.
  6. Foundation increases the durability of the building. As it holds the soil together and gives stability, the building has a chance of standing strong for many years.

So these are the uses of foundation. And not the same foundation can be used for every construction. Research before opting foundation for your building. Better the foundation stronger will be the building.