Why It’s Important To Keep Your Pool Area Clean During The Winter Months

You have enjoyed your pool in the summers and now the winters are approaching. You had your fun, but now it is time to retire from the pool till the next season. This is a crucial point in the year as you will have to take a number of steps to ensure that your pool is taken care of in the coming months.

Winter can be brutal for your pool, and it is up to you to make sure nothing happens to it by carrying out thorough winter pool care. Clogged drains and pipes are just some of the things that you will have to worry about. Pool chemistry in the winter is very different and you will also have to take care of the pool’s lining and surfaces.

Ignoring the pool will only lead to more problems, so it’s best that you do these things before it gets too cold.

Chemical Cleansing

As a pool owner, you must have amassed a lot of chemicals for your pool’s maintenance over the summer. It is important that you check your stock and identify how much you have left. Read up on the garbage disposal laws in your area and take steps to get rid of these chemicals. Some of them might have a long shelf life, so you might want to keep them.

Store them in a garage or shed that is not humid or exposed to sunlight. Humidity and the sun’s rays can make these chemicals go bad easily. It is in your best interest to store them in a safe and cool place. Also, make sure where you store them is not easily reached by pets and kids. Some of these chemicals are very corrosive in nature and cause the skin to burn.

Pool Toys

Kids love floaties and the various toys that come for the pool. There is a high chance that your pool and its surrounding area is littered with these. Before you close off the pool for the winters, it is of paramount importance that you collect these and store them away.

If you leave them on their own, these will slowly rot away or become damaged and will not be suitable for the next season. They are very fragile in most cases, and you should store them away too. But keep them away from the chemicals and cleaning products to ensure their safety.

Garden touch-up

At some point in time, everyone has been guilty of neglecting their garden during the winters. The grass grows and dies and all the bushes and shrubs look awry. You can avoid this just by simply cleaning up once in a while and taking care of your garden. This does not let the debris get to the now dysfunctional pool and the leaves and twigs stay away from the pool.

Debris like this can grow exponentially over time and you should do everything in your power to avoid this. Check the weather forecast and plan ahead. If you leave a freshly mowed lawn and it suddenly rains, all the debris would enter the pool and get scattered around too, thus rendering your work for the day useless.

Odd Jobs

Your pool-owning experience is a multifaceted one that keeps you on your toes always. For example, when you have cleared out your pool, you will realize that maybe the fences around your pool need to be cleaned too. Maybe the chair and other furniture that you bought to place around the pool also needs to be stored. The umbrellas that provided shade throughout the heat now need to be stored. Plan in advance, as you will need to store or clean a lot of stuff.

Give all your stuff a thorough hose down before you store them and let them dry too. Moist stuff can develop moss or fungus if left unattended for a long time. Check for any signs of damage or if anything needs to be changed too. If it is damaged beyond repair, it is better to throw it away rather than storing it in a shed or storage space.

You should have a dedicated space for all this stuff as it will need to be stored for a long time.

How to take the best care of your pool in the winters

Pool Covers

As the name suggests, these are covers that can be put on top of your pool. They protect the pool from dust and debris and also evaporation in the summers. It also lessens your work around the pool and in maintenance.

A pool cover is a great investment as it can save you a lot of headaches over the years. Before you even use the pool cover, make sure that the pool is clean. Secure all the water bags and secure every knot or latch.

Pool parts also need to be looked after

These may not be the most visible parts, but they are essential for your pool’s functioning. Check all the gauges, pipe joints, and levers to ensure that they are in great shape. For the winter, lube them up with a silicone-based gel so that the harsh winters do not corrode the parts. Remove all excess water as it can freeze over the winters and can cause problems.

Winter Pool Chemistry

Not all people completely drain the pool for the winters and leave some water for the rest of the year. Chemically balanced water will be clean and there will be no algae or bacteria in it. It will be easier to decontaminate all the pipes and keep the water clean.

When your pool is not in use, check the water chemistry of it every two months. Get rid of all the chemicals from the previous season as they have more than likely lost their potency.

Scrub your pool’s tiles with the enzyme that impedes the growth of algae and bacteria. This will help you prevent algae and bacterial infestation throughout the winters. Also, remember that this pool water will remain in your pool for months, so make sure that you check it regularly. A contaminated water body like this can be a serious health hazard if not looked after properly.

Digital timer

The fluctuations in temperature can cause pipes and other metal structures to crack. Get a digital temperature sensor and set alerts in your weather apps for a freeze alert. This will give you enough time to make adjustments as and when needed.

You can check with other pool owners near you as to how they deal with these challenges. They will be more than happy to help you and give you more area and weather-appropriate devices for your pool. Always check with an expert pool cleaner so that you get the best advice.

If you can ask around, our name will surely come up, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions. Our experts will go to great lengths to satisfy all your pool needs. Contact us for a free quote, and we will be more than happy to discuss all the possible options.

Your pool owning experience can be very rewarding and low maintenance if you take care of your pool regularly. All these things add up and make the experience worth it. Contact us now and get rid of all your pool-related worries.